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Sunnav proudly provide you with the best marine pleasure with an  experience like  no other. We are the premier yacht builder with innovative design and
also provide world class Phuket yacht service for your dream vacation. High quality ranges of marine equipment are fully  supplied at our shop in Koh Kaew Shop.

  Our Dockyard

We elaborately design our motor yacht to elegant, contemporary and unique. All of our yachts are well
accepted in the market and we are now expanding our operation rapidly with continuous orders from customers.
Each of our Yacht is created with high quality material and technology by our dedicated engineers and craftsman
in Ratchaburi, Thailand. WE are concentrated to manu-facture high performance yacht.
We are also committed to build international standards for our yachts with a 5 years warranty. We provide full direct service to our customers
whenever they need assistance or experience problems with their yachts
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