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A Proud Product Line Sunnav’s production output consists of three products: the Sunnav 72 FB , the Sunnav 39 S and the Gladiator 39 HT Although hull
lengths are nominally 72, 38 and 39 feet, respectively, there is considerable flexibility in the design and each particular yacht is custom sized according to the buyer’s
need and preference.
While Sunnav is, above all, a Thai company, it  has developed an  excellent  worldwide  reputation for  quality  and value,   and participates regularly in the
London Boat Show, Festival International de la Plaisance Cannes, International Boat Show Düsseldorf and the Genoa International Boat Show.
Partners in Our Success Sunnav is proud to have, as partners in its success, several firms offering the finest products available in the world today. Among
them are:
- Furan Co., Ltd., the number one manufacturer of fish finders
- Volvo Pentad, a leading manufacturer of engines for both marine and industrial applications
- Iveco Motors, a part of Fiat Powertrain Technologies, which makes and markets a line of capable and highly reliable marine diesel engines;
- Patco Group, supplying a wide range of essential machinery and equipment. | Copyright?Sunnav 2010-2016 Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.