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Sunnav Co., Ltd. Growing up in a navy family, Mr Surapol Saeng U-Thai always enjoyed sailing although his business interests involved growing and
exporting orchids. The love of the sea was strong, though, and when the right opportunity presented itself, he turned to shipbuilding, founding Sunnav Co., Lt.d. and
establishing a dockyard in Ratchaburi.
The firm’s first product, an elegant 72 - foot power  yacht displacing 46 metric tones and  sporting twin  1,300 - horsepower diesel powerplants apable of
a sustained 25-knot cruise speed, took the market by storm five years ago. Demand has been strong and the company has put its attention on increasing capacity
as well as expanding its product offerings. Craft and Science
Sunnav yachts are designed to the latest international standards, employ cutting- edge technologies and utilizing the highest quality materials sourced
from around the world. Vinyl ester resins imported from Japan, for example, allow Sunnav’s designers to give full reign to their creativity, magining and then realizing
artistic yachts in the Italian style, featuring powerful, reliable engines imported from Japan, the United States, Germany and Sweden.
Sunnav now employs more than 30 skilled craftsmen whose experience and productivity has allowed the company to sell its yachts at prices that are up to
60 percent less than its competitors, while at the same time offering a five-year warranty, one of the industry’s best. | Copyright?Sunnav 2010-2016 Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.